Second hand shopping in Aarhus

Denmark – even thinking of the country makes me smile. Both the country itself and the people are just fantastic. There is definitely something in the air; the Danish themselves might say it is the hygge. Anyway, here is a little something from our recent road trip for other second hand shoppers lovers to enjoy.

Detail of a sculpture near Volden, in Aarhus. I did not manage to find the name right now, but I will add it later on, if I come across it.
Detail of a sculpture near Volden, in Aarhus. I did not manage to find the name right now, but I will add it later on, if I come across it.

First, a fair warning. This post does not really do justice to the city that is described the cultural capital of Denmark. Aarhus seems extremely interesting and definitely worth a longer visit in the future. This time around, we only had time for a short stop.

Still, I managed to check quite a few second hand shops. I will share my tips here along with a couple of links I found handy myself.

It is very easy to check out these shops even if you have just an hour or two, like myself – most of them are situated very close to each other, and in the same charming neighborhood there are also lots of cafés and restaurants. A great combination for a refreshing break!


SO EIN DING (Facebook page), Nørre Alle 17

Trendwatchers ahoy! This July, a comprehensive selection of pretty flowery dresses, funky jumpsuits, and other 90s inspired gear. Also, separate racks of true vintage finds in this neat basement store.

TØJSTORY (Facebook page), Guldsmedegade 1

Stylish small boutique offers chic second-hand brands such as Marc Jacobs and Isabel Marant. A wonderful idea: some of the price tags had charming stories written on them. For example, a note attached to a pair of pants claimed that ”I really loved these, but they were a bit too big, I hope you will enjoy them”. An idea worth copying!

KOM: MODE (Facebook page), Graven 27

Classy, more timeless second hand finds, among them also known brands. I found a lovely purple raincoat and a small leather bag here for 800 kr, but got 10% off on the other one, nice surprise! Only cash accepted.

Purple coat and small leather bag, Kom: mode. Yellow scarf, Bloomers.
Purple coat and small leather bag, Kom: mode. Yellow scarf, Bloomers.

BLOOMERS, Volden 34

Not exclusively a second hand store, but there is a small collection of seemingly mostly 70s finds in the entrance, for example colourful retro dresses. Spotted the yellow scarf in the above picture) for only 20 kr or so. Otherwise, a nice lineup of smart brands such as Nümph and Ichi. In this part of the store I found a perfect little green cardigan from Edith and Ella, a brand previously unknown to me.

SOUL SHINE, Graven 24

I actually only took a peek in this store, as I was running out of time. It seemed filled with great finds for those not faint of heart when it comes to second-hand dressing; I noticed some fabulous sequined sweaters and leather skirts.

VINTAGE DIVINE, Klostergade 58

This store was closed for holidays when I was in town (the downside of traveling during the peak season), but I am going to mention it anyways, as it seems, well, true to its name, absolutely divine. Vintage clothes from 1920s-1970s. They have an online store, but I am not sure whether they deliver abroad…

Edited 8/23: The owner of Vintage Divine kindly let me know that they indeed do deliver abroad. Hooray!

I would say it is a good idea to check out the store’s Facebook page beforehand. First of all, you will see if there are any last-minute changes to the opening hours. The pictures also give you a good idea of the style of clothes available in each store, and you might get a hunch of the price range.

The Danish seem to be quite fond of second-hand shops and flea markets, in general, which makes the whole country a treat for second-hand shoppers. When we drove around in Jylland during one weekend, we saw a lot of loppemarked signs all along the countryside.

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Happy hunting!


There are lots of cosy cafés, bars and restaurants around the streets Graven and Volden. But when we laid our eyes on the impressive front of the A.C.Perch Teahouse, we just had to take a peak inside. We learned that it was actually the oldest tea shop in Europe, the first store founded in Copenhagen all the way back in 1835! The experience was positively elevating: impeccable table service, elegant décor – and, naturally, excellent tea. I tried the matcha smoothie and my companion tasted some great oolong along with delicious scones. A lovely intermission for any tea lover. And a nice contrast to roaming through the second-hand stores.

Well, so long, Aarhus! I already wish I was back.