I would fear nothing


Last September, one Saturday night in Geneva, I was watching French tv. I happened to land on a tribute show dedicated to France Gall. One of my favourite French singers of all time, ever since the French classes back in school, got to hear her songs performed by different artists. I just loved how young Selah Sue remade one of her greatest hits from the 60’s, ”Laisse tomber les filles”.

About a month ago, while leaving a restaurant in Helsinki, I saw a pair of fiercely blue eyes staring at me, amongst a wall plastered with posters of different gigs. Oh, she would be in Helsinki, on the 30th of April, I thought. Interesting, I thought. And then the thought would not leave me alone.


I just had to see her live, hear her live.

And I did, and it was magical, and yet strangely cosy at the same time. It was another beautiful Saturday night, after what now seems a long, long winter. She sang:

I would fear nothing.

Apropos, another wonderful tribute of a kind from one great artist to another, this time from charming France to the one and unforgettable Ella.

Elle a ce tout petit supplément d’âme
Cet indéfinissable charme
Cette petite flamme

Je ne sais quoi. That’s what they have, each one of these three amazing women and artists. Ella, elle l’a.

Ella, elle l’a
Ella, elle l’a
Ce je n’sais quoi

I think that the album Babacar (1987) will be my soundtrack for this spring.


And, apropos, tonight my friend wrote a wonderful post on her blog. She wrote about how we should pay attention to whom we admire, for these people (real or fictitious) tell a great deal about our own selves – about something that may still be hidden deep inside, but waits to burst into bloom, if we give it a chance.

Je ne sais quoi.